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Krispy Kreme Is Making Tons of Money Because People Don't Actually Want Healthy Food

Its stock price rose nearly 17 percent today.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The doughnut makers over at Krispy Kreme are proving that people still really love junk food. While a number of restaurants are going out of their way to add healthy options to the menu, Krispy Kreme is making some serious money slinging deep-fried doughnuts. According to Bloomberg Business, the company's stock rose nearly 17 percent to $20.38 per share today, the most it has in one day in over two years. Plus, its most recent quarterly results beat analysts' estimates.

Business Insider writes that the chain's recent financial success shows that "the idea that modern consumers prefer healthier options is a myth." While competitor Dunkin' Donuts has added lower calorie flatbreads to its menu and McDonald's is experimenting with kale, Krispy Kreme has remained focused on its doughnuts which has proven to be successful. McDonald's is plagued with struggling sales but Krispy Kreme's same-store sales rose 5.2 percent last quarter.

The company has expanded its menu to include espresso drinks (and it's making K-cups), which Bloomberg writes has helped to fuel growth. Krispy Kreme has also increased its store count by 17 percent in the last quarter, and has opened a number of locations around the world in recent years. Bloomberg writes that the chain is now focused on opening smaller stores that "don't make doughnuts on the premises and are cheaper to build."

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