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McDonald's Swaps Supersized for 'Mini Meals'

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The chain is testing the meals at select locations.


Instead of supersizing meals, McDonalds is experimenting with miniaturizing them. But like most McDonald's ventures (we're looking at you chorizo-less chorizo burritos), the chain doesn't quite seem to understand the concept. According to Business Insider, it is currently testing "mini meals" that have anything but a mini calorie range. The meals — which consist of one of five sandwiches, plus a small order of fries and a medium soft drink — fall between 660 to 880 calories. (Although technically it is possible to swap the fries and soda for apple slices and water, but who really does that?)

The mini meals feature a new burger. Called the Signature Burger, it features two regular burger patties with white cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and creamy dijon mustard sauce all on a potato bun. It is also available on the regular menu.

The mini meals are just one of several moves McDonald's has made recently to save its struggling reputation and sales. Tuesday, the chain announced that it had hired former White House press secretary for the Obama administration Robert Gibbs as its new head of global communications. A month before that, CEO Steve Easterbrook unveiled a major restructuring plan that involves less talk about Millennials and a greater focus on improving the quality of its food.