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Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder of Employee

Louis Cataldo is now on trial for shooting his restaurant manager in the parking lot.

The restaurant where the shooting occurred.
The restaurant where the shooting occurred.
Sand Bar/Facebook

Working in a restaurant is already tough enough without your boss trying to kill you. According, a former police officer and restaurateur admitted to shooting one of his employees in 2013 in the parking lot of his New Jersey restaurant Sand Bar. 64-year-old Louis Cataldo pleaded guilty on Thursday to attempted murder, possession of a weapon "for an unlawful purpose," and resisting arrest.

In June 2013, Cataldo walked Nicole Griffin, his restaurant manager, to her car after closing the restaurant. When she got into her car, he asked her to wait. Cataldo then went to his car — which was parked next to hers — and got his handgun. He then walked back up to her car and fired several shots at her. 35-year-old Griffin suffered a gunshot wound to her back and was rushed to the hospital.

Police tracked down Cataldo to his house where he "kept police at a standoff for eight hours" while the SWAT team surrounded his property. When officers tried to arrested him, Cataldo grabbed a handgun and fired a shot, but he did not hit anyone. The Ashbury Park Press writes that Catlado was heavily intoxicated at the time of the shooting and that he is facing a 12-year prison sentence.

Unfortunately there have been a number of gruesome gun-related incidents in restaurant parking lots as of late. Last month, a teenager was shot in the face in a Hooter's parking lot in Florida. He survived and managed to drive himself to the hospital. Just a few weeks after that a deadly gun battle between rival biker gangs broke out at a Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas resulting in a number of casualties.

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