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Dominique Ansel Names Laurie Jon Moran Head Chef of Tokyo Bakery

Moran was previously the executive pastry chef of NYC's Le Bernadin and SF's Quince.

Laurie Jon Moran/Facebook

Pastry chef and Cronut king Dominique Ansel has announced the opening chef for his upcoming bakery in Japan. Pastry chef Laurie Jon Moran will be heading up the kitchen of the Tokyo post. Ansel notes on an Instagram that the two have quite the history together: Moran was Ansel's sous chef when Ansel ran the pastry program at Daniel in New York City. Moran then went on to become the executive pastry chef of Le Bernardin (NYC) and Quince (San Francisco). The chef has apparently been taking Japanese lessons in preparation for the gig.

Ansel's Tokyo bakery is slated to open June 20 and in preparation, the pastry chef has been training the Japanese bakers and managers at his New York City bakery. The Japanese outpost is a three-story standalone tower that features a futuristic design. There, Ansel will of course sell Cronuts alongside a menu pastries and savory "all-day" menu featuring egg dishes.