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Arizona Restaurant Insults Woman on Receipt

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Again with the receipt drama.


You would think that given the number of high-profile mishaps with restaurant receipts in the last few years, people would learn to not print their opinions of others on small pieces of paper that then go directly to the person being insulted. Where they can be kept, puzzled over, stored for posterity and future lawsuits or, as is happening quite a bit lately, shared with news outlets and on social media.

"Don't deliver to Mia... she is loca."

According to Fox 10, this latest incident took place in a Mesa, Ariz. restaurant called Burrito Express. Yesterday, Mia Fisher ordered a few breakfast burritos to be delivered to her office. When she received her order, this was printed on the receipt: "Don't deliver to Mia, just tell her we don't want any more problems, she is loca."

"Loca" means "crazy" in Spanish. Fisher was, needless to say, surprised and hurt by what she read on the receipt. "I started crying, I was shocked, I could not believe it what they put on the receipt," said Fisher. She said that the last time she placed an order, the restaurant forgot her rice and beans and she complained. She believes the restaurant printed the receipt purposefully "to get back at me."

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An apology might have been expected from the restaurant's management at this point — a free drink, some comped apps — some show of goodwill. No such luck. Owner Angel Marin would not apologize: "Irrational, out of control, ridiculous, inexcusable would have worked; 'loca' was one of the softer terms," he said.

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Marin claimed Fisher used "vulgar language" when she complained about her previous order. His only regret, he said, was that Fisher saw the note. It was supposed to be visible only to employees, and was input incorrectly into the computer system.