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Guy Fieri Is Cornering the Lucrative Amphitheater Dining Market

The king of Flavor Town wants to be the sultan of amphitheater dining.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Spiky haired kulinary gremlin Guy Fieri is spreading his Donkey Sauce to a slew of Live Nation amphitheaters around the country.  According to the Palm Beach Post, Fieri — the patron saint of amped up bro foods — is setting up restaurants at 12 of the amphitheaters, including one in West Palm Beach, Fl. at the Coral Sky Amphitheater.

There, he will have a stand-alone burger restaurant, called, well, Guy's Burger Joint. The menu features sandwiches with absurd names like The Real Cheezy Burger (made with "super melty cheese," and Donkey Sauce), and the Righteous Ring (made with more "super melty cheese," a Sriracha barbecue sauce, and "righteous rojo" onion ring). There's nothing like some super melty cheese to take to you Flavor Town.

Fieri is living his best life as of late. On top of cooking food for music venues, he is also serving as the Grand Marshal and pace car driver at the Nascar Sprint All-Star Race later this month.