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Top Chef Season 13 Gossip: Same Sex Wedding and Pop-Up Dinners?

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Let the Top Chef Season 13 rumors fly!

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

With filming about to begin in California, Bravo's Top Chef judges Gail Simmons and host Padma Lakshmi dropped a few Season 13 hints on Twitter. Earlier this week Simmons called out to same sex couples to see if they wanted a Top Chef wedding. This could easily be the theme of an episode or challenge, with all of the contestants competing to cater a wedding.

Or perhaps each chef will create a course for the reception, and the couple gets to help pick the episode's winner.

Today, host and judge Padma Lakshmi tweeted her own call to action at fans, suggesting that an upcoming episode of the show would feature Top Chef contestants "popping up" around LA.

Have you heard any rumors about Top Chef's whereabouts in your California city? Do tell! Emails are welcome: