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It's Now Possible to Order Food for Delivery Directly From a Google Search

Google currently works with six ordering platforms.


You can now order food directly from a restaurant's search results on Google. According to a Google Plus post, Google has launched a new feature for mobile phones which links directly to ordering platforms that a specific restaurant works with. If users search for a nearby restaurant on their phones, the search results will include a "Place an order" option.

When users tap the link, users will be able to choose from compatible delivery services and will be taken to the website of the service of their choice to complete the order. Currently, six ordering platforms are compatible with Google: GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24,, BeyondMenu, and Google has plans to add more options in the future.

Google has steadily been integrating more food- and drink- related functions into its platform. Earlier this year, the search engine launched a new cocktail feature on the Google app. When users ask how to make cocktails like margaritas, the app now displays step-by-step instructions.