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Wes Anderson-Designed Bar Brings a Wes Anderson Set to Life

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It's located in Milan.


Ever wish you could knock back cocktails while living in one of Wes Anderson's quirky, colorful, and vintage film dreamscapes? Dreams can come true, and all this one requires is the purchase of a plane ticket to Italy. According to Wired, the famed film director has applied his particular design aesthetic to a bar in Milan. Called Bar Luce, it's part of the Fondazione Prada — the fashion company's new art and culture complex.

Anderson wanted the bar to "echo old-school Milanese cafés" with a hefty dollop of kitsch. The bar's website notes that it features patterned wallpaper and arched ceilings that mimic local landmark, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. There's also retro formica chairs in bright pink and green pastels, Steve Zissou-themed pinball machines, an old school juke box, and a "perfectly centered schoolhouse clock."

Unlike Anderson's films, which typically involve dead-on symmetrical shots, Bar Luce is very much a three-dimensional bar. The director notes that "there is no ideal angle for this space," adding that it is for "real life, and aught to have numerous good spots of eating, drinking, talking, reading, etc." Anderson reveals that when he was designing the space, he tried to make it a bar that he would want to spent his own "non-fictional afternoons in." Bar Luce opens May 9.

If you can't make it to Milan but still want an Andersonian food moment, you can always make this recipe for the courtesan au chocolate pastries from his Oscar-winning film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Here is an image of the bar below: