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The Noma Documentary Portrays René Redzepi as a 'Modern Ugly Duckling'

A promo of the film will be show at Cannes.

Pierre Deschamps

Here are some more details about that perpetually delayed documentary on Noma, Copenhagen's most famous restaurant. News broke in 2013 that the Michelin-starred restaurant and its chef René Redzepi were to be the subject of a film titled Noma My Perfect Storm. The movie was slated to premiere last year, but has faced numerous production delays. Last month, director Pierre Deschamps revealed that the documentary would finally be released this year and now film distributor Trust Nordisk — which recently bought the international sales rights for the movie — says that a promo will be shown at the upcoming Cannes International Film Festival later this month.

The movie itself will center around Redzepi "fighting his way back to the top, and reclaiming the title of best restaurant in the world for the fourth time." Noma held the top spot on S. Pellegrino's "World's 50 Best Restaurants" list for multiple years before losing the title in 2013. The restaurant took the top spot again in 2014.

Trust Nordisk's site notes that Deschamps closely followed Redzepi for three years to create a "multifaceted portrait of the man behind Noma." The film promises to be a "creative journey" into the mind of Redzepi who is positioned as a "modern ugly duckling... [that] found his home in the no man's land and transformed into a swan." Brace.