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Beer Nerds Create Machine That Makes Store Bought Brew Taste Better

Yay, science.

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Craft beer drinkers, there's machine on the market that wants to be your new best friend. According to CNET, it's called Fizzics and it's supposed to make your store-brought beer taste better. The countertop contraption uses science in the form of oscillation and high-frequency sound waves to create a "dense, long-lasting head, and consistent carbonation."

High-frequency sound waves can create a "dense, long-lasting head."

To use the machine — which is battery-powered and portable — users put a full can, bottle, or growler of beer inside the device. They then insert a tube into the beer before closing the top. Within moments, the beer will pressurize and oscillate. To serve, users flip the tap forward to dispense beer and then flip the tap back to layer on thick foam.

The machines are set to retail for around $199, but backers of Fizzics' Indiegogo campaign can score one for $119. The company hopes to raise $50,000. So far Fizzics has drummed up $33,853 in just two days and there are 29 days left on the campaign.

Fizzics isn't the only company looking to improve the taste of beer. Last month, a company called Hop Theory debuted a line of tea-like infusions for beer. The biodegradable sachets are filled with ingredients like citrus peel, herbs, spices, and hops, and can be left in glasses of beer until the "flavors meld." Check out a video about Fizzics below: