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Watch Mariah Carey Make a Bizarre Frito Pie

There's also a strange Brett Ratner cameo.

While Justin Timberlake dressed up as a humanoid lime to promote his latest venture, singer Mariah Carey made a weird parody cooking show video. Carey recently teamed up with Funny or Die to do a skit called "Cooking With Mariah and Also Bryan," to somehow promote her new single "Infinity." Carey spends most of the clip attempting to make an, err, interesting version of Frito Pie ("It's really the only Frito recipe we know") featuring lettuce and M&M's. Best of all she whips up the dish while wearing blue surgical gloves with a giant diamond butterfly ring over the latex, because as her co-host Bryan points out, when cooking, you should always "wear the biggest diamond ring you can possibly find." Go, watch.