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Rhode Island's Very First Cat Cafe Will Open in 2016

It's called the The Purrfect Cup Cafe and Cat Room

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Rhode Island is hopping aboard the cat cafe train. Two "passionate cat lovers" named Sarah Brown and Zack Durkin plan on opening the state's first cat cafe in Providence. Called The Purrfect Cup Cafe and Cat Room, they hope to have the doors open in 2016. According to the cafe's Indiegogo page, the duo was inspired by the cat cafes found around Korea and Japan.

Brown and Durkin note that their goal is provide a "safe and happy space for cats and cat lovers" to hang out in. They plan to rescue between 10 to 20 cats from local shelters and hope to provide them with a "forever home" in the cafe.

Brown and Durkin are trying to raise $25,000 to put towards purchasing coffee equipment, adopting cats, and renovating a space. So far, they've managed to raise $1,220 and there are 52 days left on the campaign. Perks for donating include branded t-shirts, totes bags, and early access to the cafe. And for a $1,500 contribution, the pair will take you on a tour of the best cat cafes in Seoul  — you just have to pay for your own airfare. Check out a video about the cafe below: