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The Eater Upsell Is an Audio Party With the Food World's Most Fascinating People

Eater is jumping into brand-new territory: your ears

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Yep, that’s right, the James Beard Award-winning site that introduced the world to Critical Cats and Dessert Rodeo is launching a podcast that you can listen to on your smartphone, in your car, on your computer — anywhere and everywhere, really. Hosted by Eater editors Helen Rosner and Greg Morabito, the Eater Upsell features smart talk, juicy gossip, and can't-miss conversations with the food world’s most interesting people.

The debut episode drops on Monday, May 11. In the meantime, get excited with the teaser above — soon, we'll be talking with folks like Dan Barber, Anita Lo, David Lebovitz, John Besh, Alex Raij, Mike Solomonov, Hugh Acheson, and more — you won't want to miss an episode. Subscribe to the Eater Upsell on iTunes, listen on Soundcloud, or subscribe via RSS or search your favorite podcast app to get it automatically delivered to your device of choice the very moment each episode is released. You'll also be able to find the entire archive of episodes — plus transcripts, behind-the-scenes photos, and more — right here on Eater.