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60 Seconds of Culinary Wizardry at Chicago's EL Ideas

Chef Phillip Foss's fourteen-course meal in just 60 seconds.

"More than any other city," Eater's critic Ryan Sutton wrote recently, "Chicago is the heart of America's experimental dining movement." And at EL Ideas — that's EL as in the city's elevated public transportation system, not the Spanish word you might assume — chef Phillip Foss "produces intelligent, whimsically modernist food." Here, watch a dinner at the progressive restaurant in under one minute.

60 Second Tasting Menu on YouTube | Subscribe to Eater on YouTube

Tapioca, soy, carrot

Matsutake, green strawberry, oxalis

Pear, caper, beet, nasturtium

Razor clam
Ham, pink tangelo, asparagus

French fries and ice cream
Potato, leek, vanilla

Squash, black garlic

Duck, smoke, tosaka


Veal Tenderloin
Watercress, wild blackberry, salsify

Lentils, kombu, green garlic

Foie gras
Jicama, cascabel, pepito

Take Five
Caramel, peanut, chocolate

Olive, radish, egg

EL ideas

2419 West 14th Street, , IL 60608 (312) 226-8144 Visit Website