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Man Robbed a Subway, Then Crossed the Street to Eat at Potbelly



Sandwich thieves are getting bolder by the minute: According to DNAinfo, a brazen man robbed a Subway in Chicago then proceeded to go feast on a competitor's sandwich across the street. Late last month, 43-year-old Frederick Warren walked into a Subway and held a folding knife up to the cashier. A witness told the police that she saw " Warren leaning over the counter and grabbing cash from the register," before leaving the store.

When police arrived at the scene they took a look at surveillance footage that showed Warren crossing the street and walking into Potbelly — another sandwich chain. There was no sign that Warren left the second restaurant, so the police peaked in. Sure enough, Warren was there eating in the back of the restaurant with $186 of stolen cash and the same folding knife used in the robbery. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that he was promptly arrested and charged with armed robbery .

Sandwich shops may want to rethink their security protocols. Earlier this week, an Idaho man ate at a local sandwich restaurant and left without paying the bill. He then returned to the store to rob it of an undisclosed amount of cash. In February, two thieves entered a Subway in Omaha and fled the store with just a sandwich.