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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Only months after fast-food chain White Castle announced it was introducing a veggie burger into its menu choices, another quick-service giant has decided to dip its toes into the meatless burger pool: Wendy's has been testing a black bean burger in several locations.

According to Columbus Business First, Wendy's has been testing the veggie burger at a few select locations in the Columbus, Ohio area. The chain, which is based in Ohio, also recently introduced an organic tea drink by Honest Tea. The sandwich comes with a black bean patty, tomato, lettuce, Colby-pepper jack cheese and asiago ranch sauce on a multigrain bun.

Many other fast-food chains, like the aforementioned White Castle, are getting into the vegetarian/vegan game. Chipotle has been expanding its tofu "sofritas" option and plans to make it a permanent menu item. McDonald's has held firmly carnivore, however, withstanding outright petitioning from vegetarians longing for a meatless burger.