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Des Moines' Zombie Burger Victimized by Mass Dine-and-Dash

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A party of ten failed to pay for their meal.

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Zombie Burger/Facebook

Even the undead have to pay for their meals, okay? Des Moines-based Zombie Burger, known for its over-the-top novelty sandwich creations, was the victim of a mass dine-and-dash over the weekend, reports The Des Moines Register.

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The non-paying burger bandits were apparently even ballsy enough to make a reservation: The restaurant told police the group of ten "gave the name 'Bailey' and a phone number, part of the businesses' [sic] text-based reservation service." They then racked up $87.81 in horror movie-themed burgers and bounced without paying. (Calls to the phone number left by the dine-and-dashers went unanswered, naturally.)

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If apprehended, the suspects could face misdemeanor theft charges, says the Register. They wouldn't be the first to face legal trouble following a dine-and-dash incident: Last year a serial non-paying diner in Baltimore was sentenced to five years in prison after repeatedly faking seizures to get out of paying his dinner bill.

Zombie Burger, which opened in 2011, celebrated its one-million-burgers-sold milestone last year; its wackiest menu items have included a Super Bowl burger topped with boneless buffalo wings and queso and a state fair-themed burger on a funnel cake bun.

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