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Bar Manager Interrupts Drunk Mom on Bar Crawl with Baby

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She couldn't find a sitter, apparently.


Police arrested a woman at an Oklahoma City bar and grill on Saturday after restaurant workers became concerned for her infant's welfare and called authorities.

According to KFOR, 33-year-old Catherine Durham stopped in for drinks at Louie's Bar and Grill in Oklahoma City. Witnesses report that Durham said she had been drinking at several different bars in the area before stopping at Louie's, where she had two more drinks and began behaving in an intoxicated manner that caught the attention of restaurant staff.

When Durham attempted to leave, the manager followed her out and tried to call her a ride. She was shocked to discover, however, that Durham wasn't alone on her bar crawl: there was an 8-month old baby in a car seat in the back of Durham's car. The baby had apparently been there the entire time Durham was inside Louie's.

Catherine Durham/Oklahoma County Jail

Catherine Durham/Photo: Oklahoma County Jail

According to the arrest report, the manager then attempted to take Durham's keys. Durham responded by fighting back and grabbing the manager's hair. Police arrested Durham for child endangerment and the infant was placed in protective custody.

Several other parents have made the news lately for not properly caring for their babies at restaurants.  Last month, an Ohio couple arguing over whose turn it was to watch the baby abandoned the child at a McDonald's. Earlier this year in San Diego, a woman forgot her 5-month-old baby while shuttling between two different donut shops.