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Pizza Huts UK Offers Free Pizza to Anyone Named After the Royal Baby

Get thee to a Pizza Hut, Charlottes of the world.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Is your name Charlotte? Do you love Pizza Hut? Can you make it to England this week? If you said yes to all three questions, then you're in luck. According to the Manchester Evening News, five Pizza Huts around the UK are giving away free meals to people named Charlotte in honor of the birth of the second royal child. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born on Saturday.

The Manchester location offering a free pizza is only giving it to the first 20 Charlottes that walk through the door and can prove that is their first name. Chances for a free meal are better in London where a location in The Strand, where Metro writes the first 100 Charlottes will score a free dinner. A Pizza Hut spokesperson notes in cheesy pr person speak: "The royal birth is such a momentous occasion, we want to celebrate and welcome the new arrival in a way that our customers can also enjoy. A new royal baby and a free pizza, sounds like the perfect combination!"

For those who aren't named Charlotte but are still looking for ways to celebrate the royal baby with food, there's always this fine line of ice cream made from human breast milk called Royal Baby Gaga.