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Man Dined-and-Dashed, Then Returned to Rob Sandwich Shop

He was arrested shortly after.


An awful restaurant customer is one who leaves without paying. The worst kind of restaurant customer is one who leaves without paying and then returns to rob it. According to the Boise Weekly, 21-year-old Jacob Jackson dined at a sandwich shop in Boise, Idaho on Sunday.

Witnesses tell police that Jackson ordered a sandwich "earlier in the evening and left without paying." He later returned to the shop and "demanded money from a clerk" and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. Jackson was arrested shortly after on charges of robbery, petty theft, and failure to appear.

Not all sandwich thieves are are rude as Jackson. In February, an armed robber held up an Subway in Oklahoma City. While the suspect brandished a weapon and demanded cash, they left a $1 bill in the tip jar for the cashier, noting, "This is for you." The same thief hit the same Subway for a second time a few days later, and while they did not leave a tip this time, they did say "thank you."