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A 'Puff, The Magic Dragon'-Themed Restaurant Is Coming Soon

A family-friendly concept from the creator of Rainforest Cafe.

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Courtesy of Schussler Creative

"Puff, The Magic Dragon," the beloved children's song made famous by legendary 60's folk trio Peter, Paul, and Mary, and which was later turned into a successful book by song authors Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton, will become a restaurant chain, according to this press release from PRWeb.

"It's something I've worked on for close to six years now," developer Steven Schussler told Eater. "For the last two to three years I've been working on it with Peter Yarrow. The reason for it is my love for family concepts. I've done dinosaurs [T-Rex Cafe] and the rainforest [Rainforest Cafe] different than most, and I decided that something that's mystical is really cool."

Schussler, owner of Schussler Creative Inc., has acquired the licensing rights to "Puff, The Magic Dragon" and plans to open a family-themed concept restaurant based on the magical, gentle beast. Schussler has developed several successful themed chain restaurants, the most most famous of which is Rainforest Cafe, with 32 locations worldwide.

The song "Puff, The Magic Dragon" tells the story of Jackie Paper, a little boy who lives in the fictional land of Honalee. Jackie and Puff played together until Jackie eventually grew up and stopped believing in his magical friend. The song lyrics end with Puff feeling depressed and retreating into his cave.

"Everyone loves the beloved song 'Puff, The Magic Dragon,'" Schussler continued. "And some of the most popular shows on television today, like Game of Thrones, are about dragons... There is a great way to put together an escapism and mystical concept that will blow people away."

Schussler is currently in the process of figuring out designs for the restaurant, an opening location, as well as the possibility of bringing a celebrity chef on board. He says he is currently in talks with some names at the Food Network, but is not yet able to confirm any names.