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Hooters Waitress Donates Kidney to Longtime Customer [Updated]

Inspired by her grandmother's fatal struggle with kidney failure, the young waitress didn't hesitate to donate one of her kidneys to save a customer's life.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

One Georgia-based Hooters' waitress is serving her customers more than just wings and a smile. WXIA-TV reports that Mariana Villareal will donate one of her kidneys to her regular patron Don Thomas, thereby saving his life.

Villareal, who is a relatively new employee at the Roswell-area Hooters, only recently learned of Thomas' struggle: he recently lost both of his kidneys to the disease. And though Villareal was not close with Don Thomas, she recently lost her grandmother to kidney failure. "I wasn't able to do anything for my grandma," Mariana told the local news station, "If [Don] can live two more years, happy as he's ever been, that's fine with me. That's not up to me. I did my part, now it's God's turn to keep him alive."

Thomas graciously accepted the gift that will grant him a new life. Both will undergo surgery next Friday morning. They both hope that Villareal's generosity will inspire others to donate organs to those in need.

Update 6/2; 11:50 a.m.: Both Villareal and Thomas are doing well post-surgery, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Generosity is usually are given to servers, not the other way around. Late last year, a server at a Cracker Barrel in Missouri received a car as part of her tip.

Go, watch the local news story about the Hooters' kidney transplant:

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