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A Man Named Bacon Got Into a Fight Over Sausage

Bacon had beef over sausage.

Anne Petersen/Flickr

You can't make this stuff up: A New Jersey man named named Thomas Bacon attacked a friend for eating the last slice of sausage. According to NBC New York, Mr. Bacon, a 19-year-old Madison, N.J. resident was so angry when a friend took the last piece of sausage that he went into attack mode. The beating was serious enough that someone called the police. reports that Police Officer Lisa Esposito showed up on the scene at around 3:30 a.m. late last week, and confirmed that a man had been assaulted over breakfast meat.

Thomas Bacon [Photo: Facebook]

Thomas Bacon [Photo: Facebook]

Mr. Bacon has been charged with simple assault and was released. He is due in court early next month.

New York Magazine notes that food-related crime is on the rise. Is hanger to blame? Earlier this month, after working up an appetite while robbing a Subway restaurant, a man crossed the street to eat at Potbelly. In February, when Pizza Hut lost a woman's take out order, she slammed her car into the restaurant. Earlier this year, a barbecue bandit terrorized North Florida by stealing ribs, chicken, and wings from the smokers and hot tables at several barbecue restaurants. His take was over $4,000 worth of meat; it's safe to assume he left well-fed.