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A Restaurant Stored Its Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns in the Bathroom

The buns were quickly discarded upon discovery.

Josh Benteman/Facebook

There goes food safety down the toilet: According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, a Sonic in Kansas was caught storing its hamburger and hot dog buns in one of its restrooms. Customer Josh Benteman posted a photo on Facebook this week showing stacks upon stacks of buns on red carts just inches from the toilet in the bathroom of the Topeka restaurant. Benteman saw the bread when he went in to take his two young sons to the bathroom. He notes, "I then took the picture cause I wanted to show my wife. We left Sonic shortly after that and did not order any food."

A spokesperson for Sonic attributes the buns in the bathroom to an "innocent mistake" made by a maintenance employee who temporarily stored the racks there. The mistake was apparently fixed within 30 minutes and the buns were discarded.

The spokesperson adds that the franchise owner "counseled the employee" and plans to go over "safety precautions and food safety issues with the entire staff." Benteman added an update to his Facebook post noting that the Department of Agriculture called him to say that the store has now "gotten proper education on food stooge," adding that he would "eat at Sonic again at some point in time."

Benteman may not enjoy seeing food in the bathroom, but perhaps he might be into bathrooms made from food. Last year, a company called Choccywoccydoodah created an entire bathroom suite (as a play on "bathroom sweets") from chocolate.

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