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Would You Eat a Bowl of Cereal for Breakfast?

How about some coffee?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Internet retail giant is following the likes of businesses like Costco and Target and planning to broadly expand its lineup of private label products, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Costco, the Washington-based wholesale retailer, sells name-brand products along with its own products under the Kirkland label. Amazon is planning to broaden its line of products currently being sold under its Elements label to include milk, cereal, baby food, coffee, and even things like household cleaners. Amazon currently only sells baby wipes under its Elements label. It had previously sold diapers under that name, but pulled the product when a design flaw was revealed.

Amazon will require a manufacturing partner to produce these goods, and it is reportedly currently in discussions with Oak Brook, Ill.-based TreeHouse Foods. The transition from non-edible to edible products will require stricter quality control and different bureaucratic hoops to jump through, WSJ reports.

Amazon is already doing well in the grocery delivery business with its Amazon Fresh service, and is dabbling in restaurant delivery in cities like Seattle and New York.