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Taco Bell and KFC Consider Launching Delivery

You may never have to put on pants again.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It may soon be possible to have all the Sriracha Quesaritos and Double Downs your heart desires delivered to your door step. According to Fortune, Taco Bell and KFC are considering launching a delivery option in the near future. Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed told analysts on a call Wednesday "there is potential for food delivery across all three of its chains." Yum! currently owns Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut (which already delivers).

Creed adds that Taco Bell delivery especially could be "a massive sales driver for the brand." Though that is hardly surprising seeing as potential customers too stoned to drive will be able to order, too. If delivery does indeed happen, Creed says Taco Bell wouldn't deliver every day, all day. The option would most likely be available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The chain plans to do tests at a handful of stores located near college campuses.

Yum! is also considering adding a delivery option to KFC's menu. Fortune writes that KFC "is actually better suited for delivery than Taco Bell." While Taco Bell's menu contains a "mix of hot and cold ingredients," which makes it tough to deliver, KFC's buckets of chicken "hold their temperature more efficiently." Creed agrees: "I think KFC is set up with a menu offering that really sets us up to be a great delivery service."

For those who can't wait for Taco Bell to start delivery for their burrito fix, it's possible to have Chipotle delivered. The chain recently teamed up with messenger service Postmates to deliver in 67 cities (with varying levels of success).