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This Pizza Hut Box Turns Into a Movie Projector

This is pretty ingenious.

Screengrab:Vimeo/Ogilvy & Mather

It makes sense anyway, right? Tired from a long week of working and chasing after the kids, you don't feel like cooking and order a pizza for delivery. Then you turn on your Roku (or DVD player, if you're Methuselah) and enjoy a movie with your pie.

Pizza Hut is streamlining this operation in a beautiful way, according to the Daily Dot. Restaurants in Hong Kong (sorry, non-Hong Kongers, i.e. pretty much all of you reading) will be serving something called the Blockbuster Box in select locations. Developed by ad firm Ogilvy & Mather HK, the cardboard pizza box magically transforms into a movie projector in a few simple moves.

It's not IMAX, but it requires little more than a reasonably well-functioning smartphone. The box comes with a hole punched in its side, as well as a lens. You then scan the QR code on the side of the box, which comes in four varieties: Slice Night (horror movie), Anchovy Armageddon for (sci-fi), Hot and Ready (romance), and Fully Loaded (action thrillers). Simply place the phone on a stand in the center of the box and voilà, it will be projected through the lens and onto your screen (or blank wall).

Pizza Hut does not, sadly, offer this in the U.S. at this time.