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Alinea Receives People's Choice Award from World's 50 Best Readers

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This is the first year the public can vote on an award.

Chefs Mike Bagale and Grant Achatz.
Chefs Mike Bagale and Grant Achatz.
Barry Brecheisen

The results are in for the first ever The World's 50 Best Restaurants People's Poll, which lets the general public vote on their favorite restaurant. According to Fine Dining Lovers, the organization asked people to fill out an online survey and choose which restaurant is their personal number one. This year's winner is Chicago's Alinea, which is headed up by chefs Grant Achatz and Mike Bagale.

Alinea took the ninth spot on the the World's 50 Best list last year. It is unclear where the restaurant will fall on this year's list. So far, numbers 51-100 have been revealed, but Alinea was not named. The awards — which was started in 2002 and is sponsored namely by S. Pelligrino — are quite controversial. Earlier this month, three women in France launched a petition calling for sponsors to stop supporting the awards. The creators of the petition believe the awards are "opaque, sexist, and complacent." This year's ceremony will take place in London on June 1st.