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London's Weed-Themed Pop-Up Cannabistro Serves No Real Weed

But there will be fancy kebabs.

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London restaurateurs can't legally hold weed pop-ups yet, but sure can hold ones inspired by the drug. According to the Telegraph, the chefs at event company Grub London are hosting a two night pop-up restaurant called "Cannabistro." It's apparently London's first weed-themed restaurant and it centers around the "fine art of getting high."

The chefs will serve diners a four-course meal that is inspired by the "hazy memories of teenage years combined with the clichés of getting high," which sounds like a description an unhip adult attempting to connect with a millennial would write. The meal is split into two parts. The first half is titled "The Way Up," and will be based around "different ways of getting high." This means dishes like oxtail ravioli with homegrown herb and beef bone broth, and hemp-cured mackerel. The second part, dubbed "The Munchies," re-imagines favorite stoner snacks like kebabs and Snickers bars.

If meth is more your thing than weed, London will also be home to a Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar this summer. The bar will be located inside of a converted RV and drinkers will have the chance to "cook" their own cocktails. The Cannabistro will run from June 26 to June 27.