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World's Worst Restaurant Manager Allegedly Stole $315,000 From an Elderly Couple

He was arrested this morning.


The manager of a Pennsylvania restaurant has been accused of swindling thousands of dollars from an elderly couple. According to news station WNEP, Alfonso Picone — who runs a "popular" Italian restaurant in Tamaqua called La Dolce Casa — was arrested this morning. He has been charged with stealing $315,000 from the couple.

Police say that Picone promised the couple "his friend would invest the money" for them. Instead, he allegedly pocketed the cash for himself. There is no word yet on whether or not authorities were able to recover the money.

Picone isn't the first restaurant employee to steal from an innocent party. Earlier this year — also in Pennsylvania — a waitress was arrested for adding $10 to $20 to customers' bills. The server would add a 1 or 2 in front of the single digit tips left by customers who paid using a credit card.