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Are Edibles More Dangerous Than Smoking Pot?

Many are worried about the lack of regulation when it comes to edible marijuana products.

Here's a clip from the CNN show High Profits that explores the controversy surrounding edibles, or food items laced with marijuana. Edible products are on the rise. There's everything from weed-infused single serving coffee pods to marijuana pizza. But, many are concerned over the lack of regulation ("They are the toughest to ensure consistent potency and proper usage.")

Ever since weed was legalized in Colorado last January, local fire chief Drew Hoehn says he has seen a drastic increase in edibles-related calls. Hoehn notes that prior to legalization he is unable to "recall edible marijuana incidents." Since then, his department received around 25 calls in approximately six months. Dr, Tim Bayes, a professor of epidemiology at the Colorado School of Public Health laments, "I think one of the mistakes we've made in Colorado are edibles." Many have been trying to ban edibles in Colorado before they were even made legal. The episode airs Sunday, May 31 on CNN.