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Cops Called When Woman Freaks Out Over Lack of Sprinkles on Her Ice Cream Cone

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No charges were pressed.


The childhood song may go "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream," but in the case of one Michigan woman, it was just her screaming about the sprinkle count on her ice cream cone. According to M Live, an unnamed woman walked into a gas station over the weekend with a male companion and ordered an ice cream cone. (Why she went to the gas station for ice cream is a whole different mystery.) However, the ice cream didn't have as many sprinkles as she had hoped for. So, the woman threw a fit and yelled at the clerk. Her male companion attempted to calm her down, but she reacted by trying to hit him.

The two finally exited the store, but Kim Cole — the local police sheriff — tells M Live that the clerk called the police, reporting the incident and the woman's license plate number. The sprinkle-loving woman left the area before the cops arrived, so no charges were pressed.

It isn't just restaurants that call the police about customers. Last year, a woman in North Carolina was arrested after she called the cops about the sauce used in her Subway order. She was so angry that the chain used marinara sauce instead of "pizza sauce" on her flatbread pizza that she asked the police to come to the restaurant to help her get a refund. Instead, she was charged with "misuse of the 911 system."

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