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Bartender Who Served French Man 56 Shots Charged With Manslaughter

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He is banned from working in bars for a year.


A bartender in France who served a man 56 shots has been found guilty of manslaughter. Earlier this month, news broke that 47-year-old bartender Gilles Crepin was on trial over the death of 56-year-old Renaud Prudhomme. Last October Prudhomme was drinking at a bar in the French town of Clermont-Ferrand with his daughter when he decided to beat the bar's record of shots taken in one night, which was previously set at 55. Prudhomme supposedly knocked back 30 of the 56 shots in under minute. He went into cardiac arrest and died the next day. Prudhomme's daughter claimed that the bartender encouraged her father to continue binge drinking.

According to the Guardian, Crepin admitted at a hearing that "he had made a mistake by displaying the shots record on a noticeboard, encouraging the victim to go too far." Crepin's lawyer argued however that that his client was not responsible, claiming that it was "the man's daughter who had pushed him to break the record and that he had existing respiratory and alcohol abuse problems." The court sided with Prudhomme's daughter and gave Crepin a suspended four month jail sentence. He was also banned from working in a bar for a year. Crepin's lawyer plans to appeal the ruling.

Binge drinking is currently a sensitive issue in France. Late last year, the French government proposed a new law that would punish anyone who "incites binge drinking" — such as Crepin — with hefty fines and up to a year in jail. The proposal has not been officially adopted as law.