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Popeyes Employees Stage a Walkout of 94-Degree Restaurant

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The thermostat had a "do not touch" sign posted on it.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

Working in a fast-food restaurant surrounded by fryers and heat lamps can no doubt get a little warm — but can workers be expected to withstand indoor temperatures north of 90 degrees? According to photos posted from the Twitter account for the Fight for $15 movement, two Popeyes employees in Philadelphia walked out today citing exactly that:

The cashiers reportedly walked out of the restaurant after leaving a signed note, promising to return to work once the air conditioning is repaired:

The Fight for $15 has been an instrumental part of recent widespread protests by fast-food workers calling for higher wages and the right to unionize; potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently voiced her support for the movement on Twitter.

Eater has reached out to both Fight for $15 and Popeyes and will update with any further intel.