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McDonald's Likes Warm Buns and They Cannot Lie

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McDonald's new changes aim to provide consumers with "hotter, tastier food across the menu."

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In the midst of a health food revolution, McDonald's is making an attempt to change the way the public looks at fast food (and boost their plummeting sales) by improving the way they prepare it, Buzzfeed reports. Last month, the CEO of the burger chain, Steve Easterbrook, announced a turnaround plan to be implemented beginning on May 4. While many criticized the lack of food-related changes in that day's announcement, a new conference held this morning revealed many more details about the new food policies.

In addition to a renewed commitment to serve food that is always hot (if not always tasty), Easterbrook went into specifics on how to accomplish the new directive. The CEO mentioned changing the way they grill and sear the beef patties to result in juicier beef. He also described a new policy of toasting the buns for an extra five seconds to keep them 15 degrees warmer. The focus on buns has also been applied internationally as McDonald's tests a brioche bun in their Australian market and a focaccia bun made with olive oil and rosemary in India.

McDonald's has has made a number of changes over the last year in an attempt to boost sales. The chain has already rolled out a build-your-own burger system in over 30 locations, with plans to expand the Create Your Taste program (also including build-your-own chicken sandwich) to 2,000 outposts before the end of 2015. The fast food giant has also launched an ordering app, as well as self-serve kiosks in a few U.S. locations. New menu items have also been sprouting up, including Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwiches and a Sirloin Third Pound burgers, while they've cut seven signature sandwiches in an effort to create a more concise menu. As part of their attempt to offer higher quality items, the new menu now includes Premium Chicken Selects and fried apple and cherry pies in select restaurants.