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Danny Meyer Remains Mum on Shake Shack Spin-off Chicken Shack

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Even Gayle King couldn't coax the truth about Chicken Shack out of Danny Meyer.


After the recent reopening of the original Shake Shack location in Madison Square Park, founder Danny Meyer and CEO Randy Garutti appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about the reopening and the future of the popular burger chain. Of course host Gayle King couldn't resist from pressing the duo about the company's rumored chicken concept, pointing out their application to trademark the name "Chicken Shack" in April. Meyer quickly quipped, "Would you eat that, Gayle?"

King's response, "Yes, I would, if it tastes like the burger," was met with laughs by both. However, aside from huge grins, the men gave nothing away, remaining tight-lipped on the subject. Garutti hinted, "Stay Tuned. We don't have anything to announce today."

Go, watch the clip below:

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