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It's Not So Hard to Imagine a McDonald's Staffed Mainly by Robots

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Will Big Macs soon be served by McRobots?

Paul Horner/Facebook

Is McDonald's real dream just to replace its workforce with robots? Parody site News Examiner believes so. In response to the protests by McDonald's workers for higher wages, News Examiner published a satirical piece that imagines McDonald's is opening a restaurant operated entirely by robots in Phoenix.

These "McRobots" work "50 times faster than human beings, they never make a mistake, they never take a break, and they eliminate the onerous burden of wage regulations that are putting businesses out of business faster than you can say ‘Minimum Wage.'" A fake store manager is quoted as telling CNN: "These things are great! They get their work done in a fast and orderly manner. And they don't ask for cigarette breaks." Are they McDonald's dream employees?

The piece continues with McDonald's shrugging off the loss of human jobs due to the robots: "At least the stores will stay open, some people will remain employed, and our corporation will be able to get back on track." In real life, McDonald's has not turned to robots (yet) and instead has given a smart percentage of it workers a dollar per hour raise. However, with the growth of robot technology over the past year, is a McDonald's operated by robots really that difficult to imagine? Check out the parody video below: