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Possible Kidnapping Victim Leaves Note at Wendy's Saying She's Being Held Captive

Anyone with information should contact the Atlanta Police Department.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A woman left a note in an Atlanta Wendy's restaurant on Monday saying that she was being held captive, according to WGCL-TV.

A spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department said that a woman walked into a Wendy's in northwest Atlanta yesterday at approximately 11:43 a.m. She went up to the counter and "asked for a sheet of paper, where she wrote on the piece of paper that I need help, I'm being held against my will," according to Atlanta Police Department Lt. Charles Hampton.

The woman also spoke to a family while in the restaurant, according to a clerk. She then left the restaurant and got into a waiting pickup truck, which left the parking lot and traveled south on Piedmont Road NE.

Police are investigating this as a possible kidnapping. The woman was described as wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans. She is Hispanic or may be biracial. The driver of the pickup truck was described as having long hair and wearing a green shirt.

The truck is a white Ford Ranger with George plates, and the tag number is AZR1028. Anyone with information should contact the Atlanta police at 404-546-5498.

Earlier this month, a Florida woman was able to successfully receive help through a Pizza Hut phone app after her boyfriend had taken her and her children hostage. Cheryl Treadway was able to convince her kidnapper to let her order a pizza, and under the "comments" section of the order she was placing, was able to convey the message that she and her children were being held captive.