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Working as a server at a restaurant is hard enough, without customers inappropriately touching you. YouTube user Gena Urmanov uploaded a video this weekend that is allegedly from a bar at a Russian restaurant showing a male diner inappropriately touching a waitress. The handsy male customer gets more than he bargained for when he tried to put his payment down her shirt.  The waitress quickly pushed his face away with her hands (did he really expect any other kind of reaction?).

However, the diner failed to learn his lesson. He then gets up out of his seat and gropes her butt. Does he somehow think this will end well? The waitress instead puts him in his place by hitting him very hard on the head with what appears to be a menu before confidently walking away.

Restaurant employees often live in poverty and are heavily reliant upon the government to make ends meet. If that wasn't already hard enough to deal with, a report confirmed last year that 90 percent of female restaurant workers experience sexual harassment. So is it really that hard to believe that a waitress knocked the lights out of a touchy customer? Eater has reached out to Gena Urmanov for a comment and confirmation of the incident. Go, watch the incident below: