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Weed Activist Opens Healthy Restaurant and Sanctuary Directly Across From Trenton City Hall

The restaurant will not sell marijuana.

Ed Forchion a.k.a NJ Weedman
Ed Forchion a.k.a NJ Weedman
NJ Weedman/Facebook

A notable marijuana activist is opening a restaurant and "spiritual sanctuary" in New Jersey. According to the Trentonian, Ed Forchion's restaurant, called NJ Weedman's Joint, is located directly across the street from Trenton's City Hall. There he will serve "affordable, healthy food" like sushi, pasta, fish, roasted vegetable platters, and sandwiches. There will also be a vegetarian menu and "natural energy drinks" like smoothies and blended juices on offer. Forchion says that his business "will not sell marijuana."

The sanctuary — which is called Liberty Bell Temple III — will serve coffee however. It will be made with beans from Marley Coffee (started by Bob Marley's son Rohan Marley). There will also be free Wi-Fi and the space will act as the broadcast studio for Forchion's radio show:

Forchion says that he has received donations from marijuana activists from around the country to help open the business. He hopes that his restaurant draws more than the pot-friendly crowd: "I'm obviously catering to the cannabis consuming community in the area, but I also I want to tap into the artsy crowd here in Trenton."

This isn't the first time Forchion has tried to opened a business. He opened the first two iterations of the Liberty Bell sanctuary when he was living in Los Angeles. However, Liberty Bell Temple II was shuttered in 2011 after the DEA raided the property. Perhaps he should have waited a few years and set up shop in Seattle instead, where there are now brick-and-mortar weed restaurants. NJ Weedman's Joint opens June 15.