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Olive Garden to Unleash Breadstick Crostini in August

Nothing like some breadstick crostini to pair with a breadstick sandwich.

Olive Garden/Facebook

Brace for a summer filled with breadstick innovations from Olive Garden: Earlier this month, the chain announced that it will introduce breadstick sandwiches June 1. However, according to the Associated Press, that's not enough for Olive Garden. In August, the restaurant will add a breadstick crostini to the appetizer section as well. The chain's famous breadsticks will be sliced, toasted, and served with yet-to-be revealed toppings. Unfortunately, unlike the sandwiches, the crostini will not come with a side of unlimited breadsticks.

Jose Duenas — Olive Garden's executive vice president of marketing — notes, "The flavor profile of the breadstick is powerful." The chain is hoping that these stunt-y new breadstick creations will help it win customers back after years of slumping sales. Olive Garden's kale-loving executive chef Jim Nuetzi says that ever since the breadstick sandwiches were announced, he has "been getting suggestions for other dishes that incorporate breadsticks." Will there be breadstick pizza in Olive Garden's future?