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Pizza Hut Advertises New Pizza With Strange Selfie Stick Parody PSA

Pizza Hut is barely mentioned in its own advertisement.

Pizza Hut recently announced that it is selling a "two-foot long playful pizza option," that is cut into strips instead of triangles. To advertise this work of pizza innovation, called the Big Flavor Dippers Pizza, Pizza Hut turned to an advertising agency to make a strange mock PSA about how selfie sticks are threatening regular old selfie takers, or "egotistic specimens of visual self-obsession."

There's a brief appearance by a Pizza Hut delivery guy who brings a two-foot long pizza to a party and the clip ends with the line, "Pizza Hut is a supporter of those suffering from selfie stick abuse." But those are the only mentions of Pizza Hut within its own ad. Maybe the chain should go back to focusing on putting Sriracha on everything and take a break from creating advertisements for a bit.