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High School Calls Student's Big Gay Ice Cream Shirt 'Inappropriate' [Updated]

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They asked the student to cover it up.

Apparently this is inappropriate.
Apparently this is inappropriate.

Big Gay Ice Cream — the New York City-based ice cream shop with a penchant for rainbows and unicorns — has a big gay problem with a high school in Ohio. A student tweeted that he got in trouble for wearing his Big Gay Ice Cream shirt to school today.

He says that administrators at Coshocton High School called the shirt — which is simply the store's rainbow cone logo — "inappropriate." The school asked the student to cover the logo up. So he complied, with a cheeky and clever sign on white paper that reads, "So I don't have 1st Amendment rights?"

The owners of Big Gay Ice Cream, Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff — who recently wrote a colorful cookbook — are stunned at the situation. They tweeted out that the high school's move was "so weak," and that they are "amazed" that the high school would ban their t-shirt. When asked to comment on the situation, Quint told Eater: "The only comment I need to make is what I said on Twitter. Well, you can amend 'so weak' to 'super lame.'" Eater has reached out to the student.

Update 5/22; 7:15 p.m.: According to Big Gay Ice Cream on Twitter, the original story may have been a hoax. More details as they become available.