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Chef Gets Three Years in Jail for Spitting in Customer's Food

He claimed he never intended to serve the food; the judge didn't seem to care.

Flickr/Scott Veg

A New Jersey chef was sentenced to three years in jail Wednesday for an October incident in which he spat on the food of a customer. According to, 33-year-old John Stagg pleaded guilty to spitting on a roll that was intended to be served to a customer while working as a chef at Kennedy's Pub in Budd Lake, N.J.

Stagg said that he became annoyed at a customer who kept sending her meal back and spat on a roll on the customer's plate, but that, upon reflection, "I thought about it and didn't serve it." Stagg's co-worker supposedly witnessed the incident and turned Stagg into the authorities.

Stagg was sentenced to three years for food tampering but will serve that concurrently with a four-year sentence on an unrelated charge. Stagg was on parole at the time of the spitting incident. In 2001 he was found guilty of robbery and served 8½ years of a 10-year sentence. Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to eluding police after he failed to pull over for a traffic stop in 2011.