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This "Girl Detection Billboard" Only Advertises Beer to Women

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It's a brave new world.

Screengrab: YouTube/Astra

Ever feel like advertising doesn't speak to you? That your demographic is ignored when big companies define their target markets? German beer maker Astra is looking to change that, quite literally.

PSFK writes that a gender-detecting billboard was recently installed outside of a pub in Hamburg, Germany as part of a new advertising campaign for Astra. The digital billboard, which has a built-in camera and the latest facial-recognition technology, is able to detect (with what degree of accuracy is unclear), whether the person looking at it is male or female. When that happens, one of seventy pre-recorded videos featuring German comedian Uke Bosse plays on the billboard. If you're a woman, he tells you (humorously, presumably) to try Astra beer. If you're a man, he tells you to take a hike.

This is an aggressive move by beer executives, who are traditionally skewered for their tone-deaf, profoundly sexist ad campaigns. Now, when faced with claims that their advertising doesn't reach out to women, they can reply, "What do you mean? This campaign reaches out directly, almost belligerently, and borderline creepily to women."

The billboard, developed by creative agency Philipp und Keuntje, is also able to tell (again, with some accuracy, presumably) if viewers are under the age of 16, the legal drinking age in Germany, and tell youngsters to keep moving.