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New York Loves Avocado Toast More Than California, Says Foursquare

Unsurprisingly, Maine loves lobster more than any other state.


What's the most popular food in California? According to new data from social media site Foursquare it's Chinese chicken salad. Foursquare pinpointed which food or drink is "most disproportionally popular in each destination" to create a map. Californians apparently crave the dish 3,280 percent more than any other state. Surprisingly the state of New York loves avocado toast more than any other state, including California, though the most popular restaurants to eat it at are mainly located in New York City. Other surprises? Montana loves huckleberry pies, while Oregon can't get enough salad rolls.

Some non-surprises on the map include Vermont, which loves maple syrup more than any other state, and Maine, where residents intensely crave lobsters. Texas loves a breakfast taco and the most popular places to find them are mostly concentrated in Dallas and Austin. While most states disproportionally favor a food, Kansas favors a drink: cherry limeade.

Foursquare has been heavily immersing itself in food content recently. Not only are they mapping food trends, in August, the company relaunched its app to include personalized restaurant recommendations.