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Is Shake Shack Adding Chicken Sandwiches to Its Menu?

A trademark application points to yes.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Cult-loved burger chain Shake Shack — which recently reopened its original NYC location — might be expanding its menu to include chicken sandwiches. Currently, the restaurant serves burgers, hot dogs (including one made with chicken and sausage), and a vegetarian burger made from mushrooms, plus shakes, custards, and fries. According to CNBC, a subsidiary of Shake Shack simply called SSE IP filed a trademark application last month for something call a "chicken shack." The filing had few details except that it mentioned "chicken sandwiches." CNBC adds that "companies often file applications before announcing new items or initiatives."

Shake Shack would not confirm that they were testing a chicken sandwich, but they did not deny it either. A spokesperson notes in a statement, "Shake Shack was born from a fine dining company, and we constantly test new menu items in our test kitchen... We have no new items to announce at this time."

Chicken sandwiches or not, Shake Shack is quickly turning restaurateur Danny Meyer into an insanely rich person. The company went public earlier this year, and Forbes writes that since Meyer owns seven million shares of Shake Shack, he is now worth $600 million.