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Check Out a Meal at Topolobampo, Rick Bayless's Epic Chicago Mexican Spot

Watch a meal at the River North restaurant fly by in just under one minute.

Separated by a soundproofed sliding door from the continuously packed Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Rick Bayless's serene white-tablecloth restaurant, has been changing the way Americans view Mexican cuisine for the last 25 years. But Bayless and chef de cuisine Andres Padilla have outdone even themselves with their recent series of menus based on Mexican history, art, and far-flung south-of-the-border regions. Watch the newest menu, based on Mexico's southernmost region of Chiapas, in the video above.

Fresh tangy hearts of palm, ember-roasted beets, toasted fresh coconuts and its first-pressed oil, scallion, beet micros

San Cristobal Snacks
All-housemade sampler of smoked chorizo, blond burifarra sausage, suckling pig ham, queso de puerco, fresh botanero cheese, spicy preserved peach schmeer, Bayless garden herbs

Sopa de Pan Classic
Slow-cooked savory "bread pudding" of bacon-roasted brioche, ripe tomato broth, sweet plantains and spices, raisins, caramelized onions. young green beans, parsnips, hard-cooked egg, rich broth

Tamal Juacane
Wild caught Georgia gulf prawns with age-old juacane tamal roll (fresh-ground corn masa, black beans, pumpkinseeds, herby hoja santa, dried shrimp), guaje-tomato sauce

Black Cod in Hoja Santa
Alaskan black cod poached with hoja santa leaf, banana leaf and olive oil. picte (sweet corn tamal) "couscous," caramelized knob onions, herby green chile sauce

Chanfaina, 2.0
Seared La Belle Farms foie gras, smoked tongue, crispy sweetbreads with creamy wild rice and rich ancho-tomato broth (achiote, cinnamon, black pepper)

Asado de Puerco Chiapaneco
Gunthorp suckling pig braised with red chile and sweet spices, heirloom red beans, greens nuggets, house-cured pork tenderloin

Queso y Frutas
Blackberry sorbet, rambutan, celebratory cazueleja bread, chiapas doble crema cheese, blackberry preserves, micro-cilantro

Chiapas Chocolate
Fresh-ground chocolate cake, chocolate-cardamon espuma, chocolate ganache, pinole crema, cashew jamoncillo. Mexican honey mango ice cream, caramelized jungle cacao

Tascalate Tart
Crunchy caramel-topped tart of Chiapas tascalate custard, rich tascalate ice cream, warm nueganos, crispy turrones, fresh tropical guanabana

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