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Goodbye, Dave: The Top Ten Letterman Food and Drink Moments

The reigning king of late night abdicates the throne.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

David Letterman, the longest-running television host in the history of television, at 33 years, is calling it quits tonight. It hasn't been only stupid pet tricks and jumping onto Velcro walls in Velcro suits: Dave has had some great moments with food, drinks, and chefs over the years, and we're here to present you with ten of our favorites.

10. Chef David Chang visits the show to share some banter, promote his Momofuku cookbook, and cook some mussels for Dave.

9. Dave loses it with Rachel Ray in this interview when he decries world hunger and the state of food television, namely Cupcake Wars and Ace of Cakes.

8. Chef Daniel Boulud, of the restaurant Daniel, visited the Late Show back in 1996 and managed to prepare a dish of clams, scallops and caviar, despite Dave's pestering.

7. Martha Stewart comes to the show and nails Dave right in the kisser with a spoonful of cheeseball mixture she had been working on.

6. Traveler, author and general raconteur Anthony Bourdain visits the show. It's just two crotchety old guys talking and being crotchety about stuff.

5. Bruce Willis debuts one of his new inventions on Dave's show: a hands-free corn eater. The two get close and share a cob together.

4. In this classic clip from 1982, Dave hosts a College Bowl tournament between two Chinese cooking schools battling it out: Szechuan State vs. Hunan Wok University.

3. In this hilarious Top Ten list, Dave goes through the top Guy Fieri discontinued menu items. Highlights include "suspiciously damp toast" and "sampler of entrees sent back to the kitchen."

2. Bill Murray, who was the first guest on Late Night, jumped out of a cake to celebrate Dave on his penultimate show last night.

1. In this classic 1994 clip, Dave and Zsa Zsa Gabor tool through Southern California in a convertible eating fast food. 'Nuff said.